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Apex Achieving Personal Excellence 


A list of skill pills - Apex Short courses.doc33 KB



  1. Pre Event appraisal form.
    1. Please complete before attendance (you will not be asked to share this with anyone else).
  2. Get a life - How much time do you have, just for you?18.01 KB  (Watch Video No 8 with this).
  3. Top 3 - Profile yourself12.25 KB
  4. Chris - A moral dilemma50.5 KB
  5. Drivers Life drivers questionnaire by Michael Reddy74.5 KB
  6. DIssonance - When you finish, the scores in the last 3 columns show your pressures points.34.54 KB
  7. I am because - or is it?31.5 KB
  8. AttachmentCold Hard Warm  A Questionnaire about relating preferences.


  1. Why do some conversations go so wrong - Persecutors? Victims? Rescuers? (3 min)
  2. You Choose.  (3 min)
  3. Who's in charge?  (4 min)
  4. Choices - 100 courses - but why pick one of those? What's driving you?  (3 min)
  5. Speak your mind. Silence is agreement for the programme.  (1.5 min)
  6. What's your purpose, what goals get you there?  (1.5 min)
  7. Think the same, get the same - Third level thinking.  (2 min)
  8. Time - Get a life (4 min)
  9. Review - Evidence from the past, planning for today (1 min)
  10. Evidence, feedback - valuable unsubstantiated beliefs - not the truth, a truth.  (9 min)
  11. What is a leader? Why are they needed? where?? Faster Learning Organisations (2 min)
  12. Becoming a Leader - leading yourself.  Changing fundamental processes. (12 min)
  13. People differences - one of many character preferences (Goal/Journey)(11.5 min)
  14. Attachment - The most well researched model of character formation.  (4.5 min)Ainsworth
  15. The earliest preferences - Extravert - Introvert / Stable - Neurotic  (6 min)
  16. Difficult conversations Value systems “Jack and Jim or Ben”   (7 min)
  17. Time to make a difference Learning cycle   (3.5 min)
  18. Difficult conversations Outcome focus "The wedding"  (15 min)

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